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Be Inspired by Someone Else’s Creativity

I’ve been a lover of Etsy for years, but only recently tried making an Etsy Treasury. I warn you now, once you start,  you won’t want to stop creating these beautiful sets of products themed by colour, style, mood, texture, pattern and so on. My first Treasury list was made only 8 days ago when I needed inspiration for a handmade home decor idea. (Purple by Melanie Sampson on Etsy)

I grew up with a deep appreciation for handmade things. Both sets of my grandparents did incredible work with their own hands and I was always encouraged to be creative as a child. Now, I find myself drawn to items with a story. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by so many creative people in my life. I don’t think that’s happened by accident.

Most creative people I’ve met say they draw inspiration from others. I also seek and draw inspiration from creative family, friends, people in my community, and now, strangers on the internet.

After I created my first Etsy Treasury I received messages from artisans I featured, and these people no longer felt like strangers. Looking at, admiring, or purchasing a handmade item creates a connection. Letting other people and their work inspire you allows your own ideas to grow and continue the creative cycle.

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