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Send a Postcard

I’m home sick today and didn’t hear our mailman arrive as I normally would have. On a typical morning, as soon as I hear him coming up the front steps, lifting the top of our squeaky mailbox (must fix that), and dropping the mail in, I’m running for the front door.

I love mail! When I was a kid I happily claimed the junk mail as my own. Back then, I thought receiving mail meant I was growing up, I was connected, I was somebody. I cherished writing letters to friends in other towns and within my town. My friends and I would compete to see who could make the most interesting homemade envelope. (My favourites were made from torn out magazine pages.)

Though, not all the mail I received was so welcomed. I learned around that same time that calling a 1-800 phone number was free, so I began ordering free samples and brochures from all over North America. Vacuum cleaner videos, vacation brochures, samples of hand creams, applications for technical schools in the southern US, and much more. 6 to 8 weeks after I started making calls, my parents let me know that I didn’t have to call every 1-800 number I saw. It was back to letters and postcards for me.

I still love to send and receive letters and parcels. Years ago, I made the switch to paperless billing to both save on paper and to ensure only fun mail arrived at my door. This morning, our mailman delivered a postcard from my older brother, Chris. After spending the morning in a feverish haze, I couldn’t help but smile and tear up a little because the front of the postcard was a picture of my parents he had taken while I was home for the Christmas holidays. I read the short note he had written and then noticed the postmark. It read, “sent from the Canada Post mobile app.” I giggled because my “snail mail” was sent from an iPhone. Amazing.

Today I learned technology has finally caught up to traditional mail. So, grab your mobile phone and send someone a postcard. Thanks, Chris! ā™„